Collage Continues, Despite Stapleton Racists


Hey Collage Fam,

I hope everyone’s summer was absolutely wonderful, and full of bright and beautiful experiences to carry with you as we move into a new school year!

Before I dig into what Collage will look like this year, I want to take a moment to discuss a matter that may have led you to this site (rather than our coursework!) Specifically, I need to address what has been going on in the neighborhood of Stapleton, in the city of Denver, Colorado. If you are not aware, that community has been in a multi-year fight around changing the name, given its affiliation with a well-known historic Klan leader here in the Denver area. During this fight, racist and biogted individuals – including numerous members of the Stapleton leadership – amped up their hate speech, using private and semi-private community groups as meeting places to discuss and promote their hate. Clearly, a large swath of the community was in agreement with their bigoted views, because the community yesterday (Monday, August 19th, 2019) voted 2:1 to retain their association with Klansman Stapleton.

One of our founders, Cameron Grant, has spent the last many weeks fighting back against that racist push. The result has been multifold, including community members purchasing his information, and numerous threats against his family. Ultimately scared bigots in that community managed to have his Facebook account permanently disabled, while they continue to operate their hate groups. As a result, they have in effect disabled the Collage Facebook Page as well.

Collage stands in full solidarity with our members, our parents, and our anti-racist communities.

Despite the uptick in hate in the Denver area, we are determined to push forward! We have been invited to build and deliver curricula for two Denver metro schools this year! We are so delighted for this incredible opportunity. Keep an eye out for more details, coming soon!

As always, we love you, and thank you for your care and support.

In Solidarity Always,

Cameron and Maníge Grant-Giles