Collage Colorado Stands Against Bullying

National Bullying Prevention Month is October, 2018!

Happy October Collage Fam!

National Bullying Prevention Month begins today (October 1st), and as you might expect, Collage Colorado will be participating all month! Over the course of the month, look out for special articles, tools, and resources focused on putting an end to bullying, and keep a special eye out for our Spirit Day happenings later in the month.

Cheers Fam!

P.S. We have a big announcement coming sometime this week – stay tuned!

Bullying is an issue that we here at Collage take very seriously; we believe that in schools, it can form the foundation of lifelong bigotry for the bully, and sometimes life-inhibiting trauma for the person being bullied. Besides, bullying ends the conversation about inclusion and collaboration before it can even start, and that can make building community nearly impossible. In all spaces, Collage Colorado, LLC strives to build, enable, and empower safe spaces for all identities. This is especially true as we deal with such a delicate issue.

We thank you for your participation in maintaining that safe space across all of Collage Colorado’s spaces, both in the classroom and online.