Our Mission

To Whom it may Concern:

Collage Colorado, LLC is dedicated to the notion that increasing the diversity of voices in all spaces, and advancing the social awareness and cultural cognizance of students, parents, and educators (indeed, all people), only serves to elevate both the local and global community.

We are further dedicated to an unshakable belief that:

  • All students, regardless of any identity, deserve high quality, culturally-responsive education

  • Education must be dynamic, holistic in scope, and ever humble in tone

  • Financial burden should never be a barrier to quality education

  • The goal of education is not only to develop social awareness, but individual awareness as well; developing personal identity is as important as the big picture

  • Elevating the often-marginalized voices of the community elevates the conversation, and the community

Therefore, we seek to build bridges of compassionate community by:

  • Elevating as many unique and broadly diverse voices as possible

  • Providing social awareness and social justice education to all people in forms that are accessible both materially and financially

  • Advancing conversations of social justice, social awareness, and educational equity in all spaces

  • Reflecting and responding to changing trends in the science of education, to provide the most responsive curricula possible

  • Constant transparency in content, anonymous data, and resources, publicly via the Collage Colorado, LLC website

Ultimately, we at Collage Colorado, LLC, are dedicated to you – our supporters. Whether you are a participant in one of our classes or events, a regular reader of our blog, or you just follow our social media, ultimately we exist for you.

Thank You,

The Collage Colorado, LLC Team