Collage@Odyssey Spring 2019 Class Sylabus

Collage@Odyssey | Spring 2019
Class Syllabus

Instructors: Cameron and Maníge Grant-Giles
603.630.2200 |

Welcome to Collage@Odyssey Spring 2019!

This course aims to help deepen students’ understanding of major social issues and the intersection of personal and interpersonal identities, through differentiated activities, lessons, media, and more. We empower students of all ages to think and talk confidently about themselves and the world around them. Of equal importance, we strive to build a safe space for students to explore and question the world, alongside their peers.

The Basics

Collage@Odyssey Spring 2019 takes place at Odyssey School of Denver | 6550 E. 21st, Ave, Denver, Fridays from 1:15pm until 3:30pm. This term, the course will be meeting in Miss Alisha’s room (Rm. 117). Pickup will be at the front of the school, in the lobby, at or after 3:30pm. Please pick up your student(s) no later than 4:00pm. We reserve the right to charge a late pickup fee of $15/30 minutes after that point.

Course dates for the Spring 2019 term will be as follows:

Feb. 1

Feb. 8

Feb. 15

Feb. 22

Mar. 1


Mar. 15

Mar. 22

Mar. 29 NO CLASS

Apr. 5

Apr. 12


Apr. 19

Apr. 26

May 3

May 10 Last Collage Class


+ Family Share-Out

Attendance and Weather

Collage@Odyssey is intended to be a fun and engaging enrichment experience for students. As such, attendance is not mandatory, however we will not provide refunds for missed classes. We can however provide make-up activities for students who wish to still participate.

Given that this is Colorado, weather during the Spring term may not always cooperate. If Odyssey/DPS chooses to cancel school on a day that Collage@Odyssey was set to meet, that day’s course will also be cancelled; we may also choose to cancel at our own discretion, should we determine that conditions would not be safe for class to happen. In that circumstance, parents will be informed by phone or text no later than Noon (12:00pm) on the day of the class. We have allotted one (1) extra day over the twelve (12) scheduled, to allow for make-up of time missed due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Course Topics

Each term of Collage@Odyssey is tailored to the interests and needs of the students taking the course. As such, topics may change from those listed in the syllabus as needed. That said, course topics will include:

  • Immigration and Race/Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Social and Cultural Identity

Intersectionality is the underlying theme across the entire course; it is the idea that people aren’t made up of just one single identity, but in fact multiple identities (e.g. race, gender, class, ethnicity, age, etc.,…) that all overlap and interact and affect how the world sees us, and how we see the world.

Course Materials

We at Collage believe that education should be available to everyone, regardless of finances. That said, we strive to provide all the necessary materials for any activities that we do in class. If you would like to donate materials, please reach out to Cameron or Maníge.

Readings and Parent Participation

Collage@Odyssey is designed as an interactive, multimedia experience. Guided reading and read-alouds in class are a central component of the course. That works even better with parent collaboration, however, and we encourage parents to read the same books as their students. Most are readily available at any local library, and we are also happy to assist parents in finding affordable options to have their own copies of the books we use. During the Spring 2019 term, we will be focusing on:

  • Harbor Me, by Jacqueline Woodson | Woodson’s newest novel is a collection of the stories of struggle faced by an unlikely group of students in an inner-city school. The premise may sound shallow, but this is no teen drama – the stories are deep and extremely relevant, spanning immigration, race, and more. This will be our weekly read-aloud, carefully guided to ensure that it is accessible to every student in the class. We will provide guided “homework” questions by text or email each week for families who would like to talk more about it at home.
  • The Day You Begin, by Jacqueline Woodson | Written for younger children (about ages 5 to 8), this book is nonetheless a beautifully accessible and empowering exploration of what “difference” and “diversity” can mean for folks of any age. This is a great book to read at night for younger kids, or to use as a conversation starter for middle or high school students.

We will inform parents of any changes or additions to this information as necessary, in a timely manner, by text, email, or phone.