About Collage

About Collage Colorado

Collage Colorado was created as a response to the need for courageous conversations in the parenting and school communities. So much community processing of identity, politics, and more happens without including children, even when they are the subject – we aim to fix that. Many studies show that children are more aware of their environment and themselves than adults give them credit for, and so, with that in mind, we created age-diverse, differentiated, and targeted curricula to help guide kids and their communities through many of these conversations with hands-on activities.

Our Philosophy

We believe that courageous conversations can – and should – happen at all ages. It’s our responsibility as parents, educators, and caregivers to help our kids develop the tools to navigate them confidently, though sometimes we need a little help – they’re big conversations, after all!

That said, we seek to provide an intersectional approach to critical race and identity education for all ages, with the intention of building bridges of compassionate community, through the exploration of individual and group identities.

Ultimately, by facilitating these conversations, we support the growth of social, emotional, and academic intelligences that help youth, families, and educators succeed.