About Cameron and Maníge

Collage Colorado was created by Cameron Grant-Giles and his partner, Maníge.

About Cameron

Cameron is a teacher by training, and a parent at heart; he is a former middle and high school literacy educator, who honed his passion for education during his years teaching in Aurora Public Schools. He focused his graduate studies on Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education, which gave him the knowledge and skills to address these issues.

Parenting two fierce young girls has reinforced his drive to bring these important discussions to the broader community.

About Maníge

Maníge is a dedicated Sexual Health Educator, doula, and fetal and maternal health resource specialist; she has worked in nonprofits for the past several years, serving HIV-affected and infected people across the Denver Metro area, and more recently new and soon-to-be mothers nationwide. She is also a passionate activist for civil and human rights, immigration, body autonomy and more.

Maníge is a fierce mother, and that role has served to deepen her commitment to her work in all her roles. Maníge is central to most aspects of Collage, however her primary role is heading the OWL (Our Whole Lives) sex and sexuality education, for which she has been certified for many years.