A Note About Cost

We at Collage Colorado believe that holistic social awareness education should be available to everyone. We will always work to make accommodations for anyone for whom the per-session fee is prohibitive; we believe that financial burden should never be a barrier to accessing high quality education.

Collage Colorado is committed to working on a non-profit basis. What little revenue we generate goes first and foremost to delivering and expanding our coursework and materials. We may derive a small amount of income from commissions paid (at no additional cost to you) from the sale of books and other media mentioned on this page (through affiliation with Amazon and other partners). This revenue further funds Collage Colorado’s work, and a small portion also helps me to feed and clothe my family so that I may continue to provide the courses and content offered here. So, if you buy something I’ve recommended here, thank you not only from Collage Colorado, but from me!