Heading Back to School!

The summer is almost over, and so it’s time to head back to school! A lot has happened in the world over the past few months – many events that have worn on our minds as parents, and possibly for our kids, too. That said, the prospect of getting back to the grind for our kids may be – while hopefully exciting – more than a little daunting, too.

Just as we change over the course of the school year, summers add new experiences, new friends, and lots to share and think about for the coming year. This can mean big changes, too, and that can be especially scary for kids nurturing marginalized identities, and that can be further compounded by things we and our kids have heard or experienced over the summer.

That said, there will be a lot coming soon here at Collage, both digitally and on the ground here in our home city of Denver. On the site, expect to see articles coming soon with strategies to discuss recent issues such as the imprisonment of migrant children. Locally, Collage will begin offering social awareness classes at Denver’s Odyssey School, set to start Friday, September 21st, 2018 (with a Parent Q&A the week before, on Friday, September 14th).

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